You, the start-up, entrepreneur, non-profit, and small business, are making a positive difference in the world.

You’ve worked hard to get your business or idea off the ground. Here’s my promise:

I’ll work hard for you, too.

The Details:

I’m a twenty year veteran of using digital relationships to improve positive impact while increasing revenue growth for businesses and organizations. I speak, write, blog, and design for all kinds of media.

As the VP of One Kansas City Radio, a community radio station that unites multicultural voices in the Kansas City urban core, I get to help build a unique inner city movement. I help with strategy, graphics and writing, including grant proposals. I am also a Registered Parliamentarian, currently serving as President of the Fishing River Unit of Parliamentarians (National Association of Parliamentarians) and the Publicity Director for the Missouri State Association of Parliamentarians. Since local, organic food is important to me, I regularly volunteer for the KC Food Circle.

Mostly, I use my mix of skills in art & design, business, branding and communications to create and improve systems that pertain to local economics, social justice, and a healthier environment. If those are areas of importance to you too, we’ll probably get along well.

Let’s get started. Email me at