You, the start-up, entrepreneur, non-profit, and small business, are the heartbeat of our nation’s economy and future.

You’ve worked hard to get your business or idea off the ground. Here’s my promise:

I’ll work hard for you, too.

You’ll get the benefit of my years of experience combined with the freshness of innovative ideas to help us both make a positive difference in the world.

The Details:

Pam HausnerI’m a twenty year veteran of using digital relationships to improve positive impact while increasing revenue growth for businesses and organizations. I speak, write, blog, and design for all kinds of media.

I am the founder and executive director of the Business Alliance for a Sustainable Economy – Kansas City (BASE KC), supporting locally owned businesses for a diverse and and thriving local economy. Check it out, we’re doing some great work.

I’m on the board of One Kansas City Radio, a community radio station that unites multicultural voices in the Kansas City urban core. Mostly I help with graphics and writing, including grant proposals. I am also a member of the Fishing River Unit of Parliamentarians and the Publicity Director for the Missouri State Association of Parliamentarians. Since local, organic food is important to me, I regularly volunteer for the KC Food Circle.

Mostly, I use my mix of skills in art & design, business and communications to create and improve systems that pertain to local economics, social justice, and a healthier environment. If those are areas of importance to you too, we’ll probably get along well.

Let’s get started. Email me at