Big Vision Design Receives Best Web Design Company Award

Big Vision Design, LLC, has been awarded Best Web Design Company and added to a list of “Great Web Design Companies” on the webhostingsearch web site. This award recognizes the creative accomplishments of Big Vision Design and helps bring them into the spotlight as a formidable company that not only excels in the area of web design, but also in the establishment of brand recognition and market strategy.

Located in Kansas City, yet accessible worldwide through the web, Big Vision Design is committed to helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations receive their start. Through careful market analysis, Big Vision Design helps clients identify their target audience and develop a marketing strategy that effectively communicates products and services. Their motto is based on the philosophy that less is more. “Keeping it simple: we’re here to get your message out there,” best describes their relationship-based business model.

What makes Big Vision Design and its sister company, Big Vision Media Group, unique is in their desire to inspire culture, nurture relationships and respect personal dignity. CEO Pam Hausner says that we must learn from history and make the world a better place. This idealistic and humanitarian vision becomes real in the work Big Vision Design accomplishes. President of Big Vision Media Group, Mat Maynor shares a similar view. Maynor believes that a holistic online strategy should work in consort with a conventional marketing program to promote brand awareness, build brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Big Vision Design develops a communication plan specific for each client. Each plan identifies a brand identity, market strategy, social media outlet and media plan. Brand identity defines what is distinctly unique about each client’s offering and that is used to imprint familiarity in the mind of the target audience. The market strategy sets clear goals with measurable results to determine success. The social media strategy begins after the brand has been identified and the marketing strategy has been defined.

The concept of a social media strategy takes the one-sided approach of communicating with a target audience and expands it to a two-sided approach that actually interactively communicates with the target audience through direct dialog. This strategy believes a dialog with the audience is an effective method that builds a relationship with the audience and fosters a personal approach. The media planning process targets marketing and communication paths that communicate a client’s brand identity in a consistent manner. These paths may be through print media, social media, web sites or video.

Creativity is at the heart of Big Vision Design. Through a creative approach, the unique aspect of each client’s brand can be communicated in a way that differentiates them from the competition. Some of the methods used to promote a creative approach are interactive gamification, logos, photography and video, print ads and sales material.

A critical component of communicating any marketing strategy in this era is through a clearly focused and well-developed web design. The inclusion of a well thought out digital marketing strategy is a key component available to all clients. Big Vision Design employs talented and creative web developers who create fresh, modern web designs that communicate the essence of each client’s marketing and brand identity. Search engine optimization techniques are understood and employed in a way that bolsters web traffic and ensures high ranking with Google during web searches. Finally, web analytics are carefully tracked to determine who is traversing a client’s web site and how the site can be streamlined to best communicate each client’s brand.

Receiving the award of Best Web Design Company through validates the creative and personable approach that has made Big Vision Design a unique presence in the field of marketing and web development.

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    • Pam Hausner
      Pam Hausner says:

      We’re excited to be a part of a new type of capitalism, one that not only works for profit, but also considers social and environmental impact. Thanks for your kind words. Inspiring culture, nurturing relationships, and respecting personal dignity is our company’s DNA.


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