White supremacy and systemic racism embedded throughout every aspect of American white culture is real and has been inflicting suffering and violence against Black people since the beginning.

Our nation can no longer look back on the history of America through a white-filtered lens, ignoring the racist atrocities—both overt and covert—that caused pain and oppression on people of color for the purpose of white power, greed, and capitalism. We can no longer ignore the reality that from the beginning systems were built which continue to inflict pain and oppression on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to this day because we have never learned how to survive without racism.

We will be diligent and relentless in listening deeply, searching within, speaking out, and acting whenever possible to expose racism in our own hearts and minds and those with whom we have relationships while working to remove its toxic poison from our culture. 

We are committed to bringing healing and restoration while working toward a healthy America, one that is built on truly equitable systems that honor the gifts of diversity, the truth of interconnectivity, and our mutual value as living beings.