Knowing the Supply Chain

A video released earlier this month highlights the problem with irresponsible supply chain selection. Some companies simply make supply chain decisions never considering the conditions or standards of their sources. They focus solely on price, forgetting there are other serious “costs” involved. Even more disturbing, some companies simply don’t care and will even try to hide unethical sourcing rather than use transparency and accountability in their supply chains. Sadly, it’s often the most vulnerable who suffer.

It’s been so refreshing to meet business owners here in Kansas City and across the country who are taking an active role in being responsible in their business practices. I am incredibly grateful that I get to work with these inspiring people every day! It was exciting to meet Eileen Fisher and some people from her company who take accountability in their supply chain seriously.  Makes me happy to wear Eileen Fisher clothes!!

As consumers, we often make our decisions the same way. Price often guides our purchases, and convenience may even trump price. Somewhere recently I heard that the thing Americans fear most is inconvenience.

While we’re waiting for other businesses to act responsibly, it’s our role as consumers to step up to the plate. In general, consumers trust brands. It’s easier that way, right? But we need to move past the convenience of ignorance and begin asking those tough questions about supply chains. Ultimately, brands will respond to pressure from their customers.  Fortunately, movements like the one featured in the video are educating and motivating wider audiences to bring lasting, thoughtful, sustainable change to the world.

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