Online Directory – 2 Audiences

A rather complex site with two distinct audiences (Eaters and Farmers), it was necessary to quickly convey the purpose of the Kansas City Food Circle and direct each audience to their respective pages while providing a high level of friendly usability.

The Kansas City Food Circle

The Kansas City Food Circle promotes a sustainable regional food system by connecting Eaters and local, organic, and free-range Farmers. It is a 100% volunteer-driven, membership and donation-financed organization, created to promote the development of a permanently sustainable local food system.

Kansas City Food Circle Website:

My Task

In the development of this new site, it was necessary to completely rethink the way site visitors would interact with the website, outlining multiple use cases then organizing for flow and ease of use. Additionally, it uses a membership login section for member farmers to create and edit their own listings in a searchable directory. Many custom graphics were created to enhance visitor experience and continue to build the KCFC brand.

Skills Involved

Usability expertise was needed to create a seamless user experience on the website. Custom graphics and design layout throughout the website help keep interest. Understanding of membership and directory platforms as well as online payment methods was key to creating this successful website.